About Us

PhoneCardGrading.com is a service based company focused on correctly identifying, authenticating, grading, and encapsulating phone cards. We understand how phone cards differ from other collectible trading cards. We don't just grade the edges, corners and surface - our overall grade also includes both sides of the card and the variable information (such as the batch, serial and/or PIN number) areas. Our aim is to offer a service that standardizes telephone card grading. We aren’t here to re-invent card grading; we are here to improve it.

Steve Schwartz is the primary grader, and in the mid-1990's presented workshops on collecting and dealing in telephone cards. He wrote articles in the collector magazines about phone cards. He was also a contributor to a 1995-1996 catalog about USA phone cards, and the Editorial Consultant for the 872 page full color 1997 Moneycard Catalog of Prepaid Phone, Cash, and Transit Cards that became the industry standard at the time. He had a retail store dealing in phone cards until the year 2000, and formed CollectorMagic, Inc. - an affiliate that buys and sells phone cards.

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