Membership Levels

At Phone Card Grading, you are always welcome to browse our site and take advantage of the resources we offer including phone card history, our population report, and reading our forums. Two membership levels offer additional advantages including the ability to submit phone cards for grading. Join today to take full advantage of our services!

Free Membership:

* 5 minutes of phone consultation/month
* Access to purchase cards at Fixed Price Sale or at Auction
* Access to submit phone cards for grading

Paid Membership:

* One Free Authenticated/Graded/Slabbed card per year (1 per membership after 12 months paid signup)
* 10% Discount on Certification/Grading/Slabbing
* 15 minutes of phone consultation/month
* Full access to buy, sell, and list cards for Fixed Price Sale or Auction
* Full Registry Access:
       - Your own page showing your collection of PCG certified cards
       - Full communication with other members (if you choose).
       - Access to see other members' collections (if they choose).

A one year membership with the benefits listed above currently costs $29.95 for a 12 month period.

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