Some of your Questions:

Q. What are the steps involved in grading a phone card?

Your package is opened and its contents verified by the grader. Next, the front and back of the card is immediately scanned and given to the grader who authenticates and grades the card. The card then goes to our finalizer who double-checks the grade and authenticity and assigns a unique serial number. Information is entered into our private database and a label is generated. The label and the card are then placed in a "slab" (an archival quality acrylic capsule) and sealed with an ultrasonic welder. They are then photographed, one-at-a-time, front and back, and prepared to return to the sender.

Q. What is delivered with a graded card?

The uniquely serial numbered, graded, authenticated, encapsulated card is returned to the customer. The customer may print out a full color Certificate of Ownership, and the card becomes a permanent entry into the Phone Card Grading Population Report. The customer is now authorized to sell or trade this card on the Phone Card Grading platform or anywhere else they desire.

Q. What aspects are evaluated during grading?

Our graders consider criteria from BOTH sides of the card - both surfaces, all edges, along with the centering and variable information such as batch codes, PIN numbers, serial numbers, and scratch-off coatings.

Q. How are grades assigned?

Once a card has been evaluated for condition, Grading Levels are assigned as follows:

Poor 1.0-1.4
Fair 1.5-1.9
Average 2.0-2.9
Good 3.0-3.9
Very Good 4.0-4.9
VG-Fine 5.0-5.4 (Very Good-Fine)
Fine 5.5-5.9
Fine-VF 6.0-6.4 (Fine-Very Fine)
Very Fine 6.5-6.9
VF-XF 7.0-7.4 (Very Fine - Extra Fine)
Extra Fine 7.5-7.9
Near Mint 8.0-8.4
Near Mint+ 8.5-8.9
MINT 9.0-9.3
GEM MINT 9.4-9.5
GEM MINT+ 9.6-10

Q. What determines a card’s value?

Values are most often determined by the scarcity and demand, how many were printed, how they were distributed, and the main theme or topic. Additional determining price factors include the phone carrier, dealers' stock levels, competition, issue price, condition, distribution, trendiness, uniqueness, origin, technology, and whether there is a bull or bear market.

Q. What are the advantages to grading a card?

During the grading process, cards are authenticated. We will not certify, grade, or slab cards that are not authentic. Grading identifies the condition of the card in a standardized fashion. The higher the quality of the card (the closer to the Gem Mint 10 grade), the higher price it will usually command in the market.

Q. How much do you charge to slab a phone card?

Slabbing which includes authentication and grading costs $16.00 per card which is paid online as part of the submission process. We do not provide these services individually (for example, a card cannot be authenticated without being graded and slabbed).

Q. What are the directions for submitting a card for grading?

The customer should carefully examine and document the cards they want to submit for grading. Each card should be protected inside a sleeve or similar cover to keep it from scratching during transit. The card should then be packaged appropriately along with the packing slip form and mailed with a tracking number and insurance to Phone Card Grading. Payment for authentication, grading, and slabbing may be made online.

Q. How is shipping handled?

The customer is responsible for shipping to Phone Card Grading as well as back to the customer. We recommend tracking and insurance as Phone Card Grading is not liable for any loss or damage during shipping. Return shipments must be tracked and insured. Certified, registered, and express mail shipments are available.

Q. What kind of packaging do you use when returning a card?

We will usually package a few cards inside a padded envelope. If there are more cards, we may ship in a box. Rest assured that we will take every reasonable precaution within our power to ensure that your cards are not damaged in transit.

Q. What is the current time estimate to get my cards returned?

The current turn-around time is 30 days from the day we receive your shipment to the day it is postmarked for return. If we anticipate the process taking longer, we will notify you when we receive the shipment.

Q. Can I dispute a card grade?

If the customer disagrees with the grade assigned to a phone card, the card may be re-submitted one time for free reevaluation. The customer will pay for all shipping fees, although shipping costs for the reevaluation will be reimbursed if the grade is changed.