Slabbing a phone card (which includes authentication and grading) costs $16.00 per card which is paid online as part of the submission process. The sender must also pay for shipping both ways. Please visit our shipping page for more information about shipping costs and policies.

We do not provide these services individually (for example, a card cannot be authenticated without being graded and slabbed).

Paid members receive a 10% discount on authentication, grading, and slabbing services as well as 1 free slabbed card per year after 12 months of paid membership.

Cards which are not eligible for slabbing will be returned to the sender minus a $2 service charge. The remaining cards in your order will be encapsulated and returned in the same package with any ineligible ones.

Ineligible phone cards currently include counterfeits, phone cards that are smaller or larger than a standard credit card, and phone cards with original packaging or original autographs.
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